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Trending Colors of 2023

2023 is the year of warmth.

After 3 years of constant uncertainty, there is a rise in wanting acceptance, warmth, a feeling of coziness and transformation. Cool greys and cold looking spaces with a highly corporate feel are out. Bold elements sprinkled around a room that exuberate warmth, a feeling of knowing and lust for familiarity.

Magenta was one of the first ever colors discovered on this earth, apparently. I wasn’t THAT surprised when I found out because I knew there was a reason Valentino went full Bappi Leheri on this shade of Pink. But its okay, if you’re not ready to plunge into such a sudden change, a dash using a pillow shall do.

Green is having a HUGE effect on the home industry, it can be compared almost to Shah Rukh Khan on the film industry. A soothing pale sage or a raging emerald will pay a rather prominent role on the colour wheels of interior decorators. Watch out pantone. Mother Nature stays winning, yall.

Lilac has a special place in my heart; but turns out on the global platform of soft furnishings too. I’m not the only one finding comfort in my lavender fragrance and aesthetic, it will be dominating various platforms with its ability to soothe ones soul. The soft powdery pastel shade is just chefs kiss.

Orange doesn’t have to be controversial IYKYK, it can also just be a provider of a mid-century feel when we used to paint walls with crushed brick. It will be seen to color block, or a single wall for a burst of color, soft furnishing for a complimentary look. Or even just a simple reminder of the 70s wihtout being kitsch. It also goes really well with burnished brass lighting hardware, rattan and warm woods.

Mustard but not hotdog mustard its more a of an ochre-taupe shade thats giving a rich balanced undertone of green and yellow. Goes without saying its ability to match your gold furnishings whether hard or soft!

Rose but not pink mind you, this serene gray shade of pink is warm, feminine and an unexpected neutral . This Raspberry pink on your living room wall totally changes the energy and goes with ALMOST everything.

Powder Blue is just following the luminous vibe of the sky. It boosts serotonin and proides a sense of barely-there blue not too in-the-face. This french blue has such a cute effect when pared with brushed nickel or chrome finished hard goods like curtain rods, knobs and pulls for furniture.

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